All Dressed in Yellow 2009

Fiddlers Bid - All Dressed in Yellow: The Shetland Band's latest release All Dressed in Yellow is an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary styles, both in melody and arrangement, played by a mature, innovative band combining outstanding musicianship. The album could be described as a suite of music lasting almost 45 minutes where the arrangements border on orchestration. Scotland on Sunday reviewer Norman Chalmers says of 'All Dressed in Yellow', a tour-de force of rhythmic, melodic and harmonic imagination in but six tracks.


Naked and Bare 2005

Naked and Bare * White Wife * Troila Knowe * Waltz From Orsa * Fezeka's * Jim Craig's Set * Christchurch Cathedral * Seven Step Polka * Da Kirk Stack * Faroe Tune.

Fiddlers' Bid are leading exponents of the Shetland Islands' rich fiddle tradition. Since their formation in 1991, the flying fiddles and furious talent of the group have astounded audiences all over the world, with their undeniably unique approach to music and performance.†

With their four-fiddle front line, backed by a powerhouse of piano, bass, guitar and Scottish harp, they create a display of stunning virtuosity. Their exhilarating sound is developed from Shetland's rich tradition of fiddle music, but given a fresh approach by the fiddlers and backed by the driving rhythm section.

In recent years Fiddlers' Bid have performed at some of the world's largest folk festivals, including the Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2003 (USA), Tonder Music Festival (Denmark) and Celtic Connections (Scotland). They have had two hugely successful tours of Australia and Tasmania, performing at venues such as Melbourne Concert Hall and Sydney Opera House. One tour earned the group a nomination for Best Contemporary Music Presentation at a national music award ceremony in Australia.†

This is the band's third album on Greentrax, following their 2001 recording Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer - the label's best selling album of 2002.

Kevin and Maurice Henderson (fiddle), Chris Stout (fiddle, viola), Andrew Gifford (fiddle, guitar), Catriona McKay (Scottish harp, piano), FionŠn de Barra (guitar) and Jonathan Ritch (bass guitar).

"Nothing, I repeat nothing, could possibly prepare an audience for the musical tornado known as Fiddlers' Bid"

"This thrilling seven-piece outfit is currently one of Scotland's hottest musical exports"

"If they don't sweep you away, check your pulse"

"One of the most exhilarating acts on the scene"

"For exultant ensemble synergy and irresistibly infectious gusto, there's no beating Fiddlers' Bid"


Farder Ben Da Welcomer 2002

A simply sensational Shetland band.

It is difficult not to leap to your feet when the band is in full flight and the level of excitement generated at the band's concerts is amazing. The band's sound is quite unique and has been developed from Shetland's rich tradition of fiddle music but given a fresh approach by the four outstanding fiddlers, backed by the driving rhythm section of acoustic guitar, bass and keyboards, and of course the addition of the Scottish harp.. and sheep. Oh and watch of for the peerie surprise at the end?!!

This their third album, comprises many traditional and contemporary tunes, some written by Band members, but mainly from the Shetland Islands, where their roots lie.


Hamnataing 1998

12 tracks: Da Sneck o' da Smaalie, Yellow Stockings, Hamnataing, Da Sabbit Prawn, The Seagull, The African Set, Inisheer, Skye Barbeque, Michael's Mazurka, The Isle of Aigas, The Trows, Da Tief Upon da Lum.

Shetland's sensational young band features four dynamic fiddlers backed by a driving rhythm section creating an exhilarating sound. Featuring Chris Stout, Andrew Gifford, Maurice Henderson, Kevin Henderson (fiddles), Catriona MacKay (keyboards and clarsach), Steve Yarrington (guitar) and David Coles (bass).

"The record captures the spontaneity of their live concerts and should be in the collections of all music lovers." (Aly Bain, on their debut album)

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