Festive Greetings!

Hello everyone,

Especially to the hundreds of new subscribers who (at long last!) have been added to the newsletter. Apologies to those people, and thanks for all of your messages to the band.

1) Celtic Connections

We are delighted to be playing at this years festival again. We are once again in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, and the date is Saturday 2nd February. Our good friend Emily Smith will be performing too. We have some special guests coming to perform with us, and some new material to air. We always have a ball at this festival. You can order tickets online at†www.celticconnections.com†or phone 01413538000.

2) Celtic Colours

The band were over in Cape Breton in October performing at the Celtic Colours Festival. We had a great time playing and meeting old friends. In particular it was nice to visit the home of some of our musical heroes - The Cape Breton Symphony - who had a profound impact on the sound of Fiddlers' Bid.

3) New material, album, and website

We have started the lengthy process of putting together our 6th studio album. Rehearsal weeks have been booked and put in the diary, and we are already excited about the new sets being put together. We get asked a lot about when new albums will be made, but it is safe to say that our hit rate of two albums per decade is on track! We are currently upgrading our website, so check back in the New Year for further updates, including concerts in Scotland and Denmark for 2013.

4) Fiddlers' Kid

We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of Rosie Sarah Gifford, born on 12/12/12. With this memorable date, Andrew is delighted that he won't be able to forget her birthday, as he seems to do with everyone elses. Kevin and his partner are also expecting a baby in the new year - it's going to be a busy January!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, stay warm and enjoy some tunes.

The boys and girl from Fiddlers' Bid x

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