Celtic Connections 25th Jan 2018, Fiddlers' Bid with Frigg

Fiddlers' Bid with Frigg

25 January 2018 7:30PM Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Tickets: 20 - 23

It’s been far too long since Shetland’s Fiddlers’ Bid enthralled and regaled their Celtic Connections fans, but now they’re back - and with a vengeance, in the shape of Finnish fellow seven-piece Frigg, similarly led by four contemporary champions of proud native fiddle traditions.

Having formed playing lunchtime sessions at high school, Fiddlers’ Bid share a bond going back more than 25 years - and a far older one with their islands’ unique musical heritage. Piano, clarsach, guitar and bass back up the frontline bowmen, in a wholly intoxicating mix of Nordic-hued Shetland tunes ancient and brand-new, laced with Qubcois and east European flavours.

Reprising their monumental encounter at last summer’s Kaustinen Folk Festival, on Frigg’s likewise fiddle-rich home turf, both bands will play individually, with Frigg showcasing new eighth album Frost on Fiddles – another cornucopia of richly exultant virtuosity, and the band’s third Songlines Top of the World selection - before a roof-raising joint finale.

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Fiddlers' Bid 2015